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Is Math a Lost Art????

February 5th, 2016

A few weeks ago I was picking up a quick item at Walgreens and thought it was just an average trip to the store. As I approached the cash register I had 4 bottles of Diet Peach Snapple which were 2 for $4.00. At this point the conversation got a little funny.

Within seconds the cashier (who was VERY pleasant) said that would be $9.56. My response was “that seems very high since the items are 2 for $4.00 and I don’t believe the tax is that much.”

She then proceeded to tell me in order the transaction was $16.00, no actually it was $32.00. When I then question that, she voided the transaction and said “I’m so sorry I have it right” and proceeded to confidently tell me that I owed her $4.00. I must admit I did chuckle a little and I didn’t have the heart to pay $4.00 since I knew it was wrong so I said “I don’t believe that is correct, I owe you $8.00 plus tax.”

The rest is history.

Not much else to do until I decided to write this post.

  • In today’s generation it just appears that people in general, not just cashiers, don’t have the same feeling for numbers as they used too?
  • Have you noticed this as well?
  • Is it because they are always on their electronics – most of which have calculators?
  • Shouldn’t people be able to do an easy calculation like that?
  • I look forward to reading your comments.

Time for you to brag – I will go first!!

February 3rd, 2016

Last week I received a note from one of my kid’s school and was pleasantly surprised. As we know notes from school always aren’t the best! If you don’t believe me just ask my parents!

After reading it I am so so proud of my son! He is very respectful, a leader, smart, conscientious and I am so glad that he carries those traits with him all the time!

I just wanted you to know that Riley has been chosen as the winner of the January Citizenship award for 6th Grade. We are very proud of him for being a leader and for setting an example for other students. He will receive his award during the morning announcements, tomorrow, January 29th. He will need to be at Room D205 by 8:30am. If you would like to be there, please check in with the front desk and you can come to the room with him.

This is the nomination(s) he received from Mrs. Sparks, Mrs. Newsom and Mrs. Drenka.

I would like to nominate Riley Dubrow (6th grade) for the December Citizenship Award. Riley has been a leader in the Recycling Club for the past year and a half. As a 6th grader, he has taken charge of training and guiding the new 5th grade students. He is kind and understanding, yet decisive enough to ensure that our recycling duties are completed each week.

Riley also took a lead role in creating our Certified National Wildlife Garden. He planted many of the plants. Weekly, he ensures that the garden has water and food for the birds. He is also not afraid to get dirty. He helps the fifth graders decide what is a weed, and what belongs in the garden as they do their weekly garden maintenance.

The following is from Mrs. Newsom, Dyslexia Therapist, who regularly works with Riley:
Enthusiastic would be the word I would use to describe Riley Dubrow. He loves challenges, and is willing to try just about anything. When I decided to donate some extra bulbs I had from my yard to the school, Riley jumped in and planted them without hesitation, even though I’m pretty sure it was his first experience planting flowers. He also comes in early regularly to work on his reading ability without being asked. Riley has a happy, positive disposition and is a pleasure both in and out of class.

And from our Librarian, Mrs. Drenka:
It is my pleasure to support Riley’s nomination.
Riley does a fabulous job mentoring 5th grade students in the Recycling Club. He takes good care of the library by being sure that the club always stops by. He is careful to make certain that the many library bins are retrieved and emptied. In addition, Riley is always extremely polite and respectful. He is a delight during library class and a great asset to the Recycling club, too!

In talking to his other teachers, they all agree that Riley exhibits five good citizenship themes—honesty, compassion, respect, responsibility, and courage.

Officer Hill

I couldn’t be prouder of my son!

Now you’re turn – time to brag!!

Feel free to brag about yourself! One of your kids! A friend of yours! Your parents!

Let’s make today National Brag Day!

I look forward to reading your comments.

This is a good idea but not sure how many people really do it?

February 1st, 2016

A few weeks ago after checking into a Marriott property I noticed a tag in the bathroom that said, “LIKE WE CARE FOR YOU, WE CARE FOR OUR PLANET”. I liked the message which basically means hang up your towel and use it a second time which saves energy.

I have seen this many times before but for whatever reason this time it struck a nerve and I complied and hung up my towel and didn’t need new ones for later or the next day.

Not sure why I don’t do it every time since at home I don’t wash towels after one use.

I wonder how many people really do this and save energy. My sense is most people feel that they are paying for the room and amenities and want clean towels every day.

What do you think?

  • What % of people do you think really do this?
  • Do you hang out your towels if there is a sign?
  • Why do you think more people don’t do it?

I look forward to reading your comments.

Thanks Tom – I liked it, how about the rest of you….?

January 29th, 2016

Recently Tom Brady and the New England Patriots lost to the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship game. Most of us would have thought he would have been healing his wounds – not Tom. He took a few minutes and posted on Facebook and shared a handwritten letter that thanks Patriots Nation for their support this season.

Let me know what you think?

Thank you to all of our fans for the incredible support you gave us this season. I’m proud to call New England my home and to have the privilege of playing for your team.

Our team fought hard all year, right down to the final play. I’m proud of the effort we all put in to prepare each game as if it were our last. We never quit nor lost sight of what we were playing for. It’s rare to have the honor of being on a team like that.

It takes a lot of hard work and commitment to get as far as we did. Our goal every season is to win the last game, but as I’ve learned, the road to the next one is paved by seasons like this one.

Thanks again,

Yours truly, Tom

I realize many, if not all, readers are not fans of Tom.

  • But what do you think of the letter?
  • Do you believe it was genuine?
  • Did your opinion change of Tom?
  • Do you like when athletes do this or take out full page ads when they leave town?
  • I look forward to reading your comments.

The older my parents get, the more important this is….

January 27th, 2016

As my parents approach and surpass 80, one thing is for sure! They will need my sisters and I more and more. Unfortunately, my dad has dementia – a disease that he has been dealing with for a few years.

My mom is amazing for so many reasons. Her spirit, energy, and passion for life is something to be proud of as is her desire to want to take care of my ailing father.

Over the past few weeks both of my parents have fallen and unfortunately broken a few bones. Clearly this has added some stress to not only my mom, but also my sisters (L.B., S.C.) and cousins (A.L., J.L.- a big thank you).

But, we have one thing to be very thankful for, all of us get along great! We are all on the same page! We never fight! Ok, we used to when we were young but that ended 40 years ago. All of our conversations are about what is best for our parents. We have a schedule where every month one of us flies to Florida to be with our parents and make sure everything is going well.

To my sisters, I want to say thank you! With all of us hundreds or thousands of miles away from them it makes it easier to know that we are always on the same team. We all know people who aren’t currently talking to their siblings. What I would say is somehow, someway, please work it out. Find a way to forget whatever the differences are. This will be so important as your parents get up there in age, get sick, and you need to make decisions together.

As your parents get older have you noticed the same thing I have? Do you have a rotating schedule where you visit your parents a certain amount of times during the year?

I look forward to reading your comments.

P.S. I hope this post has a positive effect on at least one person!

Unfortunately way too many aging actors, actresses, and musicians are passing away……

January 25th, 2016

I saw something really cool on Facebook recently and I thought I would share it. It seems like everyday of 2016 a actor, actress, or musician is passing away way too soon. Here are two lists of aging people and I wanted to take a moment and shine the spotlight back on them since many of them may have been forgotten about..

  • Please review the lists and let me know your favorite?
  • Or a cute story about one of them?
  • Or perhaps do they remind you of a different stage of your life?
  • Who will you miss the most?

I look forward to reading your comments.

P.S. Some of my favorites on this list include: Don Rickles, Sean Connery, Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman, Bruce Springsteen, Brian Wilson, and Neil Diamond.

Do you pay attention to the steps you take?

January 22nd, 2016

At the end of 2015 I joined the Fitbit craze. It seemed everyone around me had one, kept track of how many steps they did a day, a week, and even a month. Well I must admit I really like it. I wear it all the time, except in the shower, and do monitor my steps and progress from the week. In fact, last week I noticed I had 87,140 steps – which I thought was good until I found out my baby sister (S.C) had 87,182 steps or 42 more than I did. When I asked her about it her response was – I am motivated! Which I thought was awesome.

Being goal oriented, I really like it. I have only had two days under 10,000 steps and have a current streak of 23 days over 10,000. My highest day is 17,985 and I will admit I did walk around the house once to get 150 more steps to exceed 10,000 for the day.

  • Do you have a Fitbit?
  • How long have you had it?
  • Do you like it?
  • Does it motivate you?
  • Do you monitor your friends/family steps as well?
  • How closely do you monitor your steps during the day?

I look forward to reading your comments.

I am sure you know where you were and now are you going to watch the mini-series?

January 20th, 2016

June 17, 1994, was a Friday night. Without question I remember it like it was yesterday. After playing softball, I was out with some friends (R.Z. & K.A.) at a local bar with the Red Sox game in the background. All of a sudden the game was interrupted. The next thing we all knew we were watching (intently) a chase scene that involved O.J. Simpson, a Ford Bronco, and hundreds of police in California. Our bar was a little somber and most everyone couldn’t believe what they were witnessing. I am sure most of the readers recall the night. Well 20+ years later we get to relive it a little bit.

Starting February 4 and continuing for 9 more weeks on FX will be The People v. O.J. Simpson. In my opinion, this show will be very interesting and I am really looking forward to it. I am excited to DVR it every week and then watch the 42 minute show!

The cast is very impressive and includes:

  • Cuba Gooding, Jr. as O. J. Simpson
  • Sarah Paulson as Marcia Clark
  • John Travolta as Robert Shapiro
  • David Schwimmer as Robert Kardashian
  • Courtney B. Vance as Johnnie Cochran
  • Nathan Lane as F. Lee Bailey
  • Jordana Brewster as Denise Brown
  • Selma Blair as Kris Kardashian

I asked 10 people if they were planning on watching it and all but one said yes! I realize is a very small sample but I have a feeling this show will have unbelievable ratings.

  • What do you remember about June 17, 1994?
  • Are you planning on watching the show?
  • Do you think it will give you some additional insight on what happened that night?

I look forward to reading your comments.

Time to take a quick quiz about the NFL

January 18th, 2016

I hope everyone is enjoying the start to the year. With the NFL playoffs going on I thought it would be fun to prepare a quick 6 question quiz to see what your thoughts are?

I look forward to your comments!

Click Here to Take The Quiz.

Attention Everyone – Is now the time to travel or at least…

January 15th, 2016

In the past three weeks I have noticed a trend that I really like. As most of you know I travel, and tend to travel a fair amount. Last week I booked a quick trip to Chicago and then did the same thing for New York and have a ticket on hold for Los Angeles. From my standpoint there is one great thing in common. Yes, they are all located in the United States, all major cities but that’s not it. All of the plane tickets were not only less than $200 each they were closer to $150! Shocking – I don’t ever remember flights being that reasonable… Oops – I mean inexpensive. To take it one step further, Marriott Hotel rooms in those cities are usually over $375.00 each and the same thing has happened. The rooms are also around $150.

So I say to you – time to book some flights and save some money!!

  • Have you noticed the same thing?
  • Am I crazy or are the flights/rooms this January a lot lower than prior years?
  • Do you think this trend continues the entire year?

I look forward to reading your comments.