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Who Are Some Of Your Favorite TV Characters?

Fun question for a Friday. Since most of us watch TV I thought today’s topic could be a fun and enjoyed posting. Simply who are some of your favorite TV Characters?

  • Are you a fan of Barney Fife?
  • What about George Costanza?
  • Or tough guys like Jim Rockford, Jack Bauer, Tony Soprano, or Dan Tanna?
  • And who can forget loveable Coach from Cheers?
  • Or funny and goofy characters like Chandler Bing, John Cage and Earl Hickey
  • And of course there are all characters with super powers like Bionic Woman, Steve Austin and Wonder Woman
  • And no one can leave out sweet Pam Beesly

For me I tend to gravitate towards two types of characters: funny and detectives. So for me I always loved characters like Robert Urich in Vega$, and Ally McBeal and John Cage were so funny. I also still laugh a ton when I think about Sergeant Schultz from Hogan’s Heroes and liked the cleverness of Colonel Hogan from the same show.

So I ask you on who are some of your favorite TV characters?

I look forward to reading your comments.

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