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I Have Over 800 Connections In LinkedIn – I Must Admit I Am Excited About That

Like most of you I am on the social networking bandwagon. Yes I post on a blog, tweet, use Facebook and LinkedIn. Last week I noticed I got my 800th connection. First of all I am really excited about that! Here are a few reasons that I am excited:

  • Industry contacts are changing/losing jobs at a record pace and with LinkedIn I find out about it really fast
  • I can see what conferences people are attending in the future
  • I find that contacts in social networking communities respond faster than regular email. I actually tested this last month and sent out the same email to 20 people in LinkedIn and 20 regular emails. I was amazed that everyone responded on LinkedIn while only 55% responded through regular email.
  • In a fast and changing economy I find speed really important right now and I use LinkedIn to contact people about what is going on in the industry and the economy.
  • It’s a great prospecting tool for new business
  • It’s a great resource to find contacts you have lost touch with

Now your turn:

  • Do you use LinkedIn?
  • Do you like the community?
  • What changes or enhancements would you like to see them make?
  • How many connections do you have?

I look forward to reading your comments.

P.S. In case you were wondering, LinkedIn is not a CLIENT OF OURS AND DIDN’T PAY ME TO WRITE THIS BLOG.

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