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Attention Researchers – Time To Identify And THANK All Of The Research Families In This Great Industry

I have been in the research industry for almost 30 years. During that time I have had the pleasure to work and associate with so many talented people. The funny thing is many of them are related! Not to me but to each other!

When I think about research families – I quickly come up with:

(Two quick things not to insult ANYONE I put the list in alphabetical order and APOLOGIZE to EVERYONE I left off the list)

  • Baldi: Joe, Janet
  • Iseman: Carl, Diane
  • Larson: Kim, Steve
  • Nichols: Mimi, Aaron
  • Hayes: Bernyce, Andrew, Matthew
  • Heakin: Pat, John, Patty, Kevin
  • O’Connor: Peggy, Tom
  • Schafer: Marianne, David
  • Schlesinger: Sarah, Debbie, Steve, Alan, Howard, AJ, Eric
  • Shugoll: Joan, Merrill, Mark
  • Weinstein: Ann, Adam

My kids are too young to know what they want to do but who knows maybe they will follow in my footsteps and end up in this great industry.

  • What research families have I left off the list?
  • What relatives have I left off the families that I mentioned?
  • Are you hoping and who knows even nudging a little bit that your children end up in the business?

I really need your help on this and really look forward to compiling a complete list. So THANK YOU in advance for your assistance.

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