M/A/R/C® perceptual maps reveal:

  1. 1.   How well brands are perceived to perform on category attributes
  2. 2.   The level of differentiation versus parity across brands
  3. 3.   The degree of correlation across attributes - i.e. market dimensionality
  4. 4.   The relative importance of alternative attributes
  5. 5.   Brand performance and differentiation
  6. 6.   Category importance of attributes

View the video describing the power of using a Bi-plot map.


Understanding brand performance, brand similarity, attribute similarity, and attribute importance is only the first step in leveraging the power of a Bi-plot map. Market Bi-plot maps also are useful in providing solutions related to:

  1. Brand positioning versus the competition
  2. Co-branding
  3. Re-branding
  4. Line extensions
  5. Identifying white space and unmet needs
  6. Segment-specific messaging
NOTE: Although brands are typically one component of the map, points on Market Bi-plot maps are flexible and can also represent product types, segments, or other entities.

With the power of a Market Bi-plot map and experienced consultants, M/A/R/C® can help identify and provide solutions to help move your brand to the next level.