Assessor® Concept

Screen and Test

  • Utilizes all decision driving perceptions, proven predictive of in-market sales, to identify winning ideas, concepts, positionings, or platforms.
  • Delivers: In-market trial potential, volume LTOs, preliminary forecasts, and, based on identifying buyers at the individual level, profiles of takers - including early vs. later adopters if desired.

For early screening of ideas, Assessor Concept Screen utilizes targeted metrics from full-proposition tests - reflective of all the dimensions considered before making a purchase decision, not just overstated purchase intent.

  • Incorporates validated forecasting metrics
  • Competitive context considered
  • Cost effective with a fast turnaround
  • Typically sequential monadic concept exposure

When you need:

Trial Potential
Purchase Driver Strengths/Weaknesses
Relative Performance/Advantage
Profiles of potential takers (if desired)

For more refined concepts, where optimization, targeting potential and, perhaps, a preliminary forecast is needed to provide strategic direction, Assessor Concept Tests offer the most accurate prediction of in-market outcomes.

  • Utilizes key components of Assessor
  • Can include: concept highlighting, source of volume, diffusion modeling
  • Typically monadic concept exposure

When you need:

Preliminary Sales Estimate
Awareness/Distribution Impact
Trier Profiles
Enhancement opportunities/ Key consumer benefits

We've provided an overview of our approach, please contact us so we can address your specific objectives.