Telephone Interviewing

In 1965, M/A/R/C® Research pioneered the operation of telephone interviewing. We require the type of interviewer training, supervision, and monitoring that is necessary to deliver the high-quality data our clients have come to expect.

Our interviewers aren't just pulled off the street and handed a phone - each receives a round of initial training and, for advanced level projects, more rigorous executive-level training prior to executing surveys.

Interviewers are supported by supervisors who monitor 10% of each interviewer's work and ensure projects are worked according to specifications. A supervisory ratio of 8 interviewers to 1 supervisor is maintained. Additionally, each interviewer's development is overseen by a specified trainer who is responsible for ongoing skills development.

We are proud of our quality and encourage desiring clients to monitor projects either on site or via connection to our computer system.

We've provided an overview of our approach, please contact us so we can address your specific objectives.