Customer Voices

CustomerVoices is an exacting qualitative interviewing and analysis approach that, unlike focus groups, uses in-depth, one-on-one experiential interviews to literally gain a "straight from the customer's mouth" perspective of the marketplace.

CustomerVoices introduces scenarios to prompt discussion, but allows the customer to be the primary conversation driver. Specifically interviewers:

  • Take care to let respondents introduce ideas in their own words rather than supplying terminology.
  • Listen closely for statements of need, then probe for definitions of terms.
  • Prompt customers to describe the benefits they expect to realize if and when an organization meets their needs.

This approach produces the desired result - a reflection of the overall marketplace truly in the language of consumers - delivering both the tactical-level needs required to develop targeted products and services and strategic-level opportunities utilized in developing longer-term growth strategies.

The result is a comprehensive hierarchy of needs that provides the foundation for understanding market-level choice drivers and the attitudes and mindset supporting them.

We've provided an overview of our approach, please contact us so we can address your specific objectives.