Omnicom's Predictive Analytics Agency
Developing Customer Loyalty

The utility of loyalty research rests on an accurate assessment of the various brand experience elements, identifying those that are contributing to brand loyalty, and projecting the impact of enhancing delivery or perceptions of these identified elements.

Collecting brand performance on key emotional and physical brand experience attributes and leveraging Assessor® market-share modeling - based on pair wise tradeoffs across alternative options/brands - M/A/R/C delivers on all three. While most research relies on regression to customer satisfaction to derive key category and brand purchase drivers, we know that customer satisfaction is not always a sound predictor of in-market sales.

Utilizing proprietary logarithmic models that translate a relatively simple respondent exercise into market share delivers not only an accurate assessment of current sales drivers, but also a CustomerLink Simulator that allows marketers and managers to explore the future in-market impact of alternative improvement strategies.

We've provided an overview of our approach, please contact us so we can address your specific objectives.