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Eugene Never Stopped Learning

I was watching the entertainment channel about six months ago and heard a great, meaningful quote. Penn Jillette, the magician, was being featured and he was describing his career by saying, “it is always exciting to accomplish something you couldn’t a year ago.” I jumped up off the couch, bumped into a small table, stepped on some of the kids Lego’s (very painful), found one of the kid’s crayons and wrote down his quote.

I recently finished the book, “Chasing Daylight” by Eugene O’Kelly.


The book is about a person who was sitting on top of the world, and one day out of nowhere he become terminally ill. One of the stories he shares is that he always played golf with his wife early evening…they were chasing the daylight by seeing how many holes they could finish before dark. He also enjoyed skiing, but over the years didn’t go that often. After many, many years of playing golf and skiing, he describes the differences between the two sports and has come to the conclusion that golf is a much less forgiving sport in that if you have a bad turn, you can still have a great ski run versus golf where a bad shot can ruin your game. This lesson took many years to discover and Eugene goes on further to state that he wishes that he had skied more. He then goes on to say “here I am a 54 year old dying man still learning.”

Penn Jillette and Eugene O’Kelly have had an impact on my life. You are never too old to learn, all of us should be looking at ways to get better. As you read this posting the year is 60% over. Have you learned something new? Are you reading more? Working out longer? Skiing more? If not – you may want to start.

Also, I think a sub-message is one of being open-minded. Learning can happen anywhere and at any time.

Open your mind and open yourself to new ideas, people and thoughts. You may just learn something.

Please let us know your comments.

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