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Are you a Hazie, Lazie or Crazy?

Bill ButterworthI was reading the newspaper last weekend and stumbled onto an interesting article that I thought I would share. Bill Butterworth discusses workaholics and the need to understand that a 40-year-plus career is a marathon they’re running at a sprinter’s pace. That’s a race no one can win.

Sadly, they drag their families down with them. And when workaholics flame out, their employers simply say: “Next.”

Bill Butterworth introduces readers to the Hazies, Lazies and Crazies.

Hazies think that their workaholism creates a better life for their families because it means more money. They forget that their presence is essential to family life. Hazies need to focus on a Priorities Triangle: attention (tasks), connection (relationships) and reflection (quiet introspection).

Lazies lack the self-discipline to bring their lives back into balance. They live each day with a litany of “You don’t know what it’s like to . . .” But you don’t have to work long hours if you work smart hours. Lazies need the Endurance Triangle: forecast (to-do list), focus (work the plan) and fun (relax and recharge your battery).

Crazies throw themselves into a task to the exclusion of everything else. Crazies need the Pacing Triangle: learning (what can I learn if, for example, I go to a parent-teacher conference?), labor (how can I?) and leisure (am I taking care of myself?).

As I was reading this article I was hoping there was another category–something like nice guy that works hard. I always thought that if you work hard, work smart, pay attention to the details, never stop learning, continue to push yourself and exceed your goals, the rest would fall into place. Since I need to choose between the three choices I think I have Hazie tendencies.

During the Q&A at a recent conference I was asked what my greatest challenge is day after day. Without hesitation it is balance. I find it very difficult and always challenging to balance a wife, two little ones with a third on the way, work, traveling, playing sports, reading, attending sporting events and of course cheering on (LOUDLY) my Boston Red Sox.

Please give this some thought and let us know what you are. In addition it would be great if you could share some tips on balancing your life.

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