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Woof, Woof they really get it right!

Last Saturday I noticed that we had very little food left for our little Yorkshire Terrier, Boston – yes that is right we named our 3 pound ferocious dog after a city that we love. My journey on this hot (102 degree) summery day was to go to a pet store and buy our little hungry pup a 20 pound bag of Science Diet, small breed, small bites food. Of course walking into a retail store these days can be a frightening experience for a guy who doesn’t know exactly what he is looking for. I wanted this to be a very quick trip, so I could focus on getting back into my pool with my kids.

Much to my surprise the second I walked into the store I was greeted with not only a big hello but a question of, “How can I help you?” Of course having only been in the store for 10 seconds, I said yes I can use all the help I can get. Janet, the customer service person, knew exactly what I needed, escorted me to the exact isle, pointed out the product and was so nice she would have carried it to the front of the store for me if I wanted that service as well. Being a big strapping guy, I declined that part of service. As we were looking at the product, Janet mentioned that they had a special promotion and handed me an instant $5.00 off coupon and also told me that the cashier would give me a receipt that would have detailed instructions on how to either mail in or go online and register for another $5.00 coupon. Being quick with numbers I upgraded to the 40 pound bag of food for a great deal and basically for a few extra dollars had enough food for little Boston until 2008.

Forgive me if I am still a little skeptical at this point to see if all this would come together. Too many times I have heard stories of friends who NEVER got refunds and got extremely frustrated with the entire process. When I got to the cashier, Samantha not only instantly deducted the first $5.00 coupon and restated word for word the exact same thing that Janet said 5 minutes earlier. I then drove home, jumped in the pool, and an hour later went online to register for my other $5.00 coupon. I must admit it worked like a charm. The registration process was simple and in fact they sent me a follow up email within 24 hours with the status of my refund and thanked me for my business.

  • How many times do you go into a retail store any day of the week and can’t find a person to help you?
  • How many times are you charged the wrong price at the register?
  • How often do you get an answer of “I don’t know” from someone who works at a store?

I almost forgot: the cashier also asked me if we were part of their frequent buyer program. Before I could answer she said let me have your phone number and I can check right away. Two seconds later I was pleased to hear that we are part of their program so not only did I have a great experience, completed the journey, saved money, I got additional points towards other savings in the future.

Thank you PETSMART! http://www.petsmart.com/ps/main.jsp You made my life much easier.

  • Thank you for training your staff!
  • Thank you for having a consistent message!
  • Thank you for taking the time to make sure your systems and procedures work
  • Thank you for doing it the right way!

Yes you have our business, yes we will refer friends and family to your store and yes when I present at conferences I will tell this story again and again.

Today’s question is: who else gets it right or wrong?

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