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You can’t raise the bar in your sleep

A few weeks ago, while presenting at a conference in Chicago, I had the opportunity of staying at a Westin Hotel. Since I usually stay at Marriott properties, I hadn’t stayed at a Westin for many years. When I got to my hotel room I was very surprised to find a number of different things:

  • A flat screen TV
  • Monogrammed towels
  • Double nozzle shower heads

It started me thinking about all the changes that the Westin Hotel has made to increase the comfort of their guests. In essence, they have raised the game to a new level.

If you and I relate this experience back to the services we provide and the relationships we are building with internal and external clients—have we all done the same as the Westin?

  • Are we—perhaps through IT—developing systems that make us and our staffs more efficient?
  • Are we supporting the Marketing Sciences group in developing new analytic directions and products targeted at current and future client needs?
  • Are managers seeking new ways to enhance standard methodologies to drive differentiation from competitors or move company brands ahead in the marketplace?
  • Is the administrative support staff doing enough to support the rest of the company?
  • Is your senior team working together to make sure your strategy is appropriate for putting your company or department in a position to be successful?

What have you done to enhance your services and deliver more to your clients?

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