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Why Is Giving Something Away For Free So Hard These Days?

Play Ball!A Texas Sunday afternoon in September could mean another 100 degree day. But on this glorious Sunday that wasn’t the case. The clock struck 1:10 PM and the first pitch at the Texas Rangers / Cleveland Indians game had already been thrown.

It was decision time!

In my right pocket I had four of the best tickets in the stadium—ten rows behind home plate. Before my perfect day could start, a decision had to be made regarding the extra two tickets in my pocket. My choices were:

  1. Go up to the Season Ticket window and exchange them for another Ranger game
  2. Let them go unused
  3. Give them away

I chose option number three.

The next question was: who was I going to give them to? Since the Rangers—like my beloved Boston Red Sox—are really not in playoff contention and there weren’t a ton of people looking for tickets. I was hoping to find either a young couple or a father or mother with a kid.

I was in luck. From thirty feet away I spotted a couple in their early twenties. They were holding hands so I assumed they were boyfriend/girlfriend.

I quickly approached the young couple and asked them if they had tickets. They didn’t respond. I quickly said I have two extra tickets that I would like to give them. No response. I was shocked. One last time I said I have two of the best tickets in the house, ten rows behind home plate and I can’t use them. They are free. Would you like them? The gentleman never said a thing. I looked at the girl and said “here they are. They are yours. I hope you enjoy the game.” She said “Are you serious?” I responded “Yes. Enjoy the game.”

Chow Down!About 25 minutes went by and I was enjoying some peanuts, popcorn and my hotdog with my oldest son and I saw the young couple come towards our seats. They sat down next to me and we exchanged a quick hello. The only other comment she made was “Thank you so much. Today is my birthday. I must admit we were very nervous when you offered us the tickets. That just doesn’t happen anymore.”

If that is true, that is very sad. Do you think my story is common in today’s society?

Hopefully it isn’t!

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