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The “I Was in Baltimore with Tim and Didn’t Feel Good” Diet

It’s a quiet Sunday morning in Southlake, Texas. The birds are chirping, the sun is rising, we are on our way to another 100+ degrees day and I am reading the Dallas Morning News. As I come across Parade Magazine I notice a few women—Amanda, Amy and Zora. Each of them is featured in “before and after” pictures, and each of them “lost a bunch of weight with NutriSystem.”

Over the years I have had friends and family who have been on Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and of course the highly publicized Atkins Diet. Most of them lost weight but unfortunately a few moths later, they put it right back on.

Like most people entering their late 30’s and early 40’s, I put on an extra 3 pounds a year. Finally after a number of years I found myself the heaviest I had ever been—195 pounds! Yes, my pants were very tight and my suits didn’t fit. The only good news was that getting dressed in the morning was very easy since I didn’t have a ton of choices in the “larger clothing” section of my closet. I thought about going on a number of different diet programs but decided that they wouldn’t work for me.

Finally I made a decision while I was on a business trip with a colleague, Tim Antoniewicz. I remember like it was yesterday. The date was June 22, 2004, and we were in between sales appointments and were a little hungry. With not a lot of time on our hands, we ran into a Mobil gas station and walked out with a soda, a Slim Jim and a bag of chips—a real healthy lunch! Since I am not a coffee drinker I would have no less than 8 regular sodas a day. A typical dinner for me was a soda and my favorite microwave popcorn Pop Secret Homestyle while I was watching the Red Sox games late at night.

So instead of the South Beach Diet, Suzanne Somers Diet, Grapefruit Diet, The Warrior Diet or the other 300 diets that are listed on Google I decided to create my own.

Since June 22, 2004, I changed three things:

1. I have limited my consumption to 1 (yes I said 1) Coke a day in the afternoon.
2. I drink tons of water—probably 100 ounces a day
3. I try not to eat after 8:00 PM

At first I was very concerned about giving up soda. For about three or four days, I did have migraine headaches. Aside from that, the only real change I noticed was the need to go to the restroom much more often. Otherwise, there were no big changes in my life. I am not working out that much more, and rest assured if you haven’t had lunch with me, I have a healthy appetite.

For me, the results have worked. Over the next 26 months I lost 21 pounds and have kept it off. In fact I lost 20 pounds in the first 5 months.

No my diet doesn’t have a name (that I know of). Maybe it should be “The I was in Baltimore with Tim and didn’t feel good” diet. This change worked for me. Since New Years resolutions are right around the corner, maybe this or something like it can work for you.

Please let us know your thoughts.

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