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Team Building Exercise: DID ANYONE GET WET?

I really like the quote “Nobody becomes a champion without help,” from professional golfer Johnny Miller. He said this a number of years ago. What is interesting to me is that he plays an individual sport which doesn’t have a team per se (as opposed to baseball, basketball or football which are clearly team sports).

I believe Johnny is 100% correct. And his belief not only applies to sports; it applies to most businesses. In the past, I have tried a number of team building exercises—some more successful than others.

Here is one of my favorites:

There are two teams of three. One person will be sitting down, and the second person will be standing up holding an empty glass over the person who is seated. The third person will be standing and pouring water into the cup.

Sounds easy! Sort of.

The twist is that the person pouring the water into the cup is blindfolded. Yes blindfolded! Another twist is that there is money at stake. The team that gets the most water in the cup without getting their teammate wet wins $100. This will guard against a team pouring one or two drops and quitting. Oh and by the way, you need to complete the exercise in less than three minutes.

To me the exercise is an easy way to highlight teamwork at its best. Along the way, teams learn to:

  • Give good direction
  • Improve listening skills
  • Hone concentration skills
  • Expect the unexpected
  • Overcome obstacles
  • Relax and put confidence in their co-workers
  • Work together to accomplish goals
  • Experience healthy competition within the company and among departments
  • Learn how to work within deadlines

When we succeed as a team, we are all champions.

Please let us know if you’ve tried this one or if you have another team building exercise to recommend.

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