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Industry Spotlight–Jack

Over the past twenty-something years I have met many wonderful people. Some of my fondest times in the industry were back in the late 80’s when I was working for Marianne Schafer at Field Facts. During that time I was working in the Framingham, Massachusetts location. We had a one-room focus group facility that was quite busy. Like most facilities we had a number of recruiters—a handful of which were full-time.

I still recall one very clearly. His name was Jack. I don’t remember his last name but perhaps the folks who worked with me at Field Facts back in the day can help me out and post his last name.

He was an interesting guy for a lot of reasons. For more than seven years he was on the radio. He had that radio voice, deep and clear—the kind of voice that if you closed your eyes you would want to hear him on the radio. Jack was GREAT at recruiting! The company had tons of contests back then, and he won every one of them. In fact he always out performed the other recruiters by a large margin. I still believe people wanted to talk to him every day on the phone—not because of the research topic or incentive—but because of his voice.

Jack always showed up to work ten minutes before his scheduled shift. He was never late (which was amazing because he had to take public transportation to work.) He had a work ethic that was second to none. He always wanted to do a good job and always wanted to do more. Jack was a perfect employee!

All of those things were amazing, but the most amazing thing about Jack is he is legally blind! He worked day after day, call after call, and had to bring the screeners a half inch away from his eyes so he could recruit. He never let that stop him. His attitude was great. In the years I worked with Jack he never complained. Not once.

I am sure most of you have stories that involve someone like Jack. All of us look forward to reading them.

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