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A Trip Down Memory Lane–or Oldies but Goodies

It only takes people ten seconds, when they are in my car, to realize that I like oldies—the classics. What people don’t really know, is that I like a lot of different kinds of oldies. For my definition of an oldie, I am assuming that something is over 20 years old. I call them Oldies but Goodies.

Here are five that came to my mind quickly:

  • I love Bruce Springsteen. His nickname “The Boss” is so appropriate. Perhaps I like the fact that he plays great music in jeans and a T-shirt for three hours and doesn’t take a break. And he does all that at a young age of 57!
  • I liked Scooby Doo growing up as a kid, and now I watch him over and over and over again with my little one. The show is over 37 years old and has recently made it to the silver screen.
  • I like the Wheel of Fortune show. I was fortunate enough to secure 20 tickets last month and invited staff to join me as we watched one of America’s greatest game shows. The amazing thing is how many people wanted to go see the tapings. It was in a facility that held close to 4500 people and was sold out for 4 straight days! The show is over 31 years old and recently celebrated its 4,000th show.
  • Joe Paterno. Anybody who is coaching major college football at 79 needs to make my list. He is in his 41st year as the head coach at Penn State and his 56th year of being on the staff. Maybe he made my list because I like his class and records or maybe just because he is old school and is still one of the few coaches who paces the sidelines in a tie!
  • To me, if you love chocolate, how can you not love a Snickers Bar? The Snickers candy bar was introduced in 1930. Happy 76th Birthday!

I look forward to hearing about your “oldies but goodies.”

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