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Random Thoughts and a Few Predictions

  • Even though I am passionate about baseball I just couldn’t really get into watching the Detroit Tigers play the St Louis Cardinals in the World Series.
  • Isiah Thomas will not be successful as the NY Knicks head coach and will be fired within a year

  • One of the classiest guys in sports is Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Marvin Harrison. All he does is catch passes and more passes and than hands the ball back to the referee. He never taunts other players, just goes about his business the old fashioned way. Entering this year he has over 920 catches in 10 years. In fact he is in the top ten of all-time in 3 categories: Receptions, Receiving yards and receiving touchdowns.
  • It was interesting to read that Fourteen of USA today’s baseball staff predicted the baseball playoffs 1st round – 13 of them picked the Yankees, 12 of them picked the Twins, 13 of them picked the Padres and only 7 of them picked the Mets. Safe to say you could have done better picking names out of a hat.

  • You heard it here first… the Chicago Bears will go 10-0 and lose in week 11 on the road to the New England Patriots but will meet in this years Super Bowl which is a rematch from 20 years ago.
  • Congratulations to fellow Hofstra Graduate Marques Colston and current New Orleans Saint Receiver. He currently is 8th in the NFL in receiving yards and tied for 2nd in touchdown receptions – not bad for a 7th round draft pick!

  • The Dallas Mavericks will not only make it to this years NBA final they will win it. They learned a tremendous amount from last years final. You may not think I am going out on a limb BUT this hasn’t happened since 1989 when The Detroit Pistons won the championship after losing in the finals the prior year.

  • In case you missed it Indianapolis Colts QB Peyton Manning missed his first practice in his nine year career to attend his grandmother’s funeral. In the sports world today that is unprecedented
  • Keep an eye on the Chicago Bulls – I think that team is going to be really good this year, make a lot of noise and might even meet the Mavericks in the NBA finals.

  • Unless Barry Bonds drastically lowers his contract demands or plays for the San Francisco Giants he will be sitting home and playing lots of golf next summer.


Am I the only person who misses the Lakers/Celtic rivalry? Larry Bird vs. Magic Johnson – some of the best basketball ever!

Have a thought about sports? Something bothering you about a player? Have a trivia question or prediction? We want to hear from you!

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