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What A Difference A Year Makes

Ok let me start by saying I am in a Fantasy Football League. For those of you who don’t know what that is I will try to describe it. Picture 10 guys who know very little about football and thinking they know a ton about football, sitting around a conference table and picking players for their team. Fantasy Football uses statistics from the NFL games and every week you play a different team from the league. Whatever team scores the most points wins the game.

So the winner of the league is usually the person who is able to predict:

  • What players aren’t going to get hurt?
  • Who is going to have a career year?
  • Who isn’t going to get benched?
  • Who isn’t going to get suspended for a drug violation?

And of course who isn’t going to get arrested!

Let me take you back in time to October 31st of last year. My fantasy team is 0-8. What that means is I haven’t won a game! It also means that everyone is making fun of me and that my 4 year old might have been able to do better than me.

Now let’s jump ahead to 2006 – I am now 8-0. What that means is I am in 1st place and also feeling pretty good about myself.

A few questions – how did I turn it around the next year? Who cares and why does it matter?

  • Because some companies didn’t have a great 2006.
  • Some companies lost their largest client and couldn’t find another client to make up the revenue.
  • Some companies lost some key staff and it affected their bottom line.
  • Some companies added some additional strategy and frankly it didn’t pan out.

After my fantasy football league was over last year, when I went 1-12, I actually spent sometime thinking about what went wrong:

  • Who should I have picked?
  • Why did I take a Quarterback when I should have taken a Running Back!
  • Why didn’t I pick up a certain player as a free agent?

I believe I learned from some of my mistakes from last year. Fantasy Football clearly has some luck to it – so maybe I can’t draw the connection to having a bad year in business 100% and learning from it. On the other hand, maybe luck does come into play in business as well.

So if you had a bad 2006, for whatever reason things didn’t go your way:

  • Learn from your mistakes, and
  • Replay some of your decisions.

And make 2007 a great year!

I look forward to hearing your thoughts

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