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Wow! This Has Become One of my Favorite Teams!

What do the words passion, energy, creativity, enthusiasm, trust, working together, professional, goal oriented, intelligence and 25 people all have in common?

Read below and you will find out!

The good news is, this last week I was in beautiful, sunny Phoenix. The bad news is, I spent very little time outside. In most situations that probably would have bothered me—but not this time.

Starting Tuesday morning bright and early, I participated in the Marketing Research Association (MRA) board meeting. I have participated on a number of boards over the years and attended perhaps a 100 board meetings. For those of you who haven’t experienced one of these, they are typically close to 16 hours of meetings and a dinner over a 28 hour period.

For some reason this meeting felt different. Perhaps it was the location or maybe the food. As I was sitting in the meeting it occurred to me that it wasn’t that at all—even though I love to eat and the food was great.

  • It was the energy in the room!
  • It was the relevancy of the agenda!
  • It was the leadership (your leadership) of the MRA working together and accomplishing common goals
  • It was thinking about the future of research and how to best position the organization to be there for our members

And most of all it was 25 people who are all working together, committed to the greatest industry in the world and creating a very special TEAM!

I am truly honored to be part of this team and am looking forward to our next meeting in sunny Florida in February (and spending very little time outside).

A special thanks to Merrill “I love the name” Shugoll—President of the MRA who engineered a terrific meeting. You were able to keep us on point and on schedule. All of us saw first hand why all of your clients love you as a moderator. You are simply the best!

I look forward to hearing if other members of the team felt the same way.

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