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Travel Tips

With winter around the corner, that probably means a number of things, including flight delays. Here are nine travel tips that might help:

1. Take early morning flights to ensure better on-time performance.

  • Early flights are statistically more “on time” than those later in the day. But if you want to really try to make sure you’re there in time for your meeting, fly out the day before.
2. Pack some snacks for a few reasons:

  • Food on airlines isn’t great
  • There are more weather delays in the winter months and sometimes you’re on the tarmac for hours, when no food is available–even for purchase
  • See the first bullet
3. Know flight patterns.

  • I find this to be a huge advantage when there are flight cancellations or if my schedule changes and I need to take an earlier or later flight.
  • If you are aware of this, it gives you tremendous flexibility.
4. Make effective use of standing in line.

  • If you have to change flights because of a cancellation at the airport, stand on line for sure, but try to make your reservation on your cell. You might be done in a few minutes and can step off the line without the inconvenience and pressure of waiting.
5. Know where the plane you are boarding is coming from

  • If you know where the plane is coming from it gives you the ability to track that flight and be up to date with information that could impact your departure time.
6. Ask and you might receive – Be nice all the time and you never know what you might get:

  • An exit row
  • A window seat instead of an aisle
  • Maybe even first class
  • Boarding an earlier flight for free
  • Clearance as a stand-by earlier than the airline rules state

And if you don’t get anything at least you were nice which doesn’t cost you anything!

7. Make your bag unique.

  • Try to buy luggage that doesn’t look like everyone else’s luggage. If nothing else, a ribbon or a couple of colorful stickers might be enough to make your bag stand out, if your bag does turn out to be LOST!
  • If you’re forced to describe your bag to airline personnel, you want to be able to say a little more than just “it’s black and has wheels.”
8. Time change –

  • Remember that your phone will change to the local time where your BlackBerry and computer don’t change
9. Remember to bring all of your chargers – including:

  • Razor
  • Cell Phone
  • Computer
  • BlackBerry
  • Toothbrush

I hope you find at least one of these tip helps. I look forward to continuing to build a list for people to share.

What are your tips?

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