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Other Research Blogs

Monday, December 4th, 2006

Recently I have noticed a few more research blogs. This appears to be a tool that lots of other researchers find valuable. Here are six of them that I thought I would share in no particular order:

http://www.mikemacleod.net This blog is owned by Mike MacLeod who is Vice President of Research Operations at Harris Interactive.
http://www.surveyxtreme.com/ This blog site is owned and maintained by Sam Winstanley who is currently working for SPSS in the Worldwide Services division, as a Solution Architect.
http://www.mb-blog.com/ Nigel Hollis is Executive Vice President and Chief Global Analyst at Millward Brown.
http://www.marketresearchtech.com/ MRT is maintained by Mark Kupferman and features reviews, news and trends in marketing research technology.
http://insidemr.blogspot.com/ This blog is written by Gregory Kohs and is a marketing research practitioner’s examination of some of the interesting facets of the survey research business.
http://www.insights20.com/ This blog is written by Olivier de Gaudemar, Vice President of Sample for online marketing research agency OTX.

Please share with us any others that you may have found and comments about these.

Why is My Cell Phone Smarter Than My BlackBerry?

Friday, December 1st, 2006

Technology thought of the week:

As I write this posting, I am on a plane flying at 34,000 feet, so both my BlackBerry and cell phone are turned off. Yes, the second I land and get clearance from the pilot, I will turn them both on and simultaneously start checking my voicemail and responding to emails right away.

After the smoke clears from my fingers having pounded 15 email messages in less than 4 minutes—perhaps a record, I will notice something odd.

In fact to me very odd.

My cell phone has adapted to the right time while my BlackBerry hasn’t.

My BlackBerry can do so many more things than my cell phone! In fact I would almost call my BlackBerry SMARTER than my cell phone. But for some reason that piece of equipment doesn’t have the technology to adapt to a time change.

Why is that?

Yes, I am surprised that the mighty BlackBerry is inferior to a two year old cell phone. Yes, I love underdogs and perhaps this is one of those times where the little guy wins out. Perhaps the reason is the time is connected to where your server is based.

Does this bother you?

Are you surprised that the newest technology, the latest and greatest doesn’t have this capacity?

I look forward to your thoughts and reading other stories about technology that puzzles you!