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What Does that Mean?

Sometimes words and phrases mean different things to different people. I would like to share with you a story. The catch phrase is “Please get undressed…”

Often when I go to my doctor for a physical this is the chain of events:

  • I sign in at the reception desk
  • I sit in the waiting room flipping through magazines that are 4 months old for a short time before my name is called
  • I walk to the back office where the nurse checks my weight – yes I want to take off all my clothes and certainly my shoes but since I am in the hallway I refrain from doing that
  • Still on time and on a great schedule…
  • The nurse takes me into a cold room asks me a few questions and takes my blood pressure
  • THEN…she says “Please get undressed. The doctor will be right with you.”


  • TO ME — the doctor will be with me in 90 seconds.
  • TO THE NURSE — I have no idea since she is probably laughing as she leaves the room.
  • TO THE DOCTOR — I will come in when I am done seeing my other patients.

So why does it take so LONG?

  • Do they really think it takes patients 30 minutes to get undressed?
  • Is his/her time more important than mine?
  • Are they scheduling too many appointments and always running late?
  • Are they too disorganized and this is always the way it is?
  • Do they care about customer service?

Since I don’t understand it, this is what I do. I give the Doctor a 10 minute grace period, and then I start making phone calls. It doesn’t matter who it is or what I am discussing with them.

Oh by the way if there is a phone in the room I am waiting in somewhat patiently and very cold, I use their phone. Yes, I actually pick up their phone and use it, and more than likely I try and make it a long distance call. Regardless if it is their phone or my cell phone I will make sure that I am on the phone when they arrive in the room and actually ask them to come in and wait a minute until I am done with the call.

Yes they are flabbergasted, but I think they get the point. Or do they?

  • How do you feel when it happens to you?
  • What do you do?

I look forward to your comments.

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