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Four of My Favorite Words in the English Language

As of December 30, 2006, there were estimated to be almost one million words in the English language. Actually the number is 991,833 according to The Global Language Monitor.

I gave this some thought and came up with 4 of my favorites:

  1. Accountability – I love this word and strive each and every day to be accountable to myself, my family, M/A/R/C Research, Omnicom and of course our clients.
  2. Passionate – I love people who are passionate about something. It could be work, family, a goal, sports or some type of combination. Maybe it’s just me but most successful people have tremendous passion in their life.
  3. Teamwork – This word is probably tossed around more times than any other word.
    Companies are built on teamwork
    Championship teams are built on teamwork.
    The number on the front of the jersey is more important than the one on the back
    To me the feeling of teamwork—the building of the team, accomplishing and exceeding goals—is like nothing else.
  4. Friendship – I put a tremendous amount of value into friendship. I believe your friends are part of you and clearly help you become who you are. You can mature so much through different friendships. By really listening you can learn so much about life and yourself.

Do you agree or disagree with my choices?

More importantly, what are you favorite words?

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