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Happiness Is…

What is Happiness? This probably means something different to everyone.

Here are some of the things it means to me:

  • Happiness is helping someone accomplish something they couldn’t a year ago.
  • Happiness is seeing your kids smile and laughing while they are eating a hot fudge sundae that is literally all over them
  • Happiness is setting goals and exceeding them 3 weeks earlier than expected
  • Happiness is spending time with your family and friends reminiscing about the past and getting excited about the future
  • Happiness is watching the Boston Red Sox beat the New York Yankees for a trip to the World Series
  • Happiness is walking on the beach at Cape Cod, wearing sunglasses with the water covering your toes while you are deciding about having a 3 or 4 pound lobster for dinner
  • Happiness is coming from behind in a touch football game and scoring with a minute to go and winning the game

I look forward to reading what it means to you!

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