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Tagline or No Tagline–That is the Question

Ok close your eyes and think of some of your favorite taglines. Did you come up with anything? Is there a jingle that you have remembered for 10 or 20 years? Is there some phrase that you instantly associate with a product or service?

I listed 10 of the more popular ones in alphabetical order by company:

The funny thing about this list is “Leave the driving to us” still reminds me of all of my bus trips when I was a kid going to Saratoga Springs, NY.

I still think about the slogan M’m! M’m! Good when I am ordering soup – to me that is a classic as is “Tastes Great. Less Filling.” I can still close my eyes and picture the very funny Miller Lite commercials staring Ben Davidson, John Madden, Billy Martin, Rodney Dangerfield, Mickey Mantle, Whitey Ford, Dick Butkus, Bubba Smith and Bob Uecker, just to name a few of the Lite regulars. I will admit it – those commercials were really, really funny!

What is your all-time favorite and why?

M/A/R/C’s tagline is “We make research powerful”.

A few other research taglines are:

Do they work? Do you like them? If you don’t have one…why not? If you are a client, do you like them?

We look forward to hearing your comments.

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