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Are Kids Getting It All Wrong This TIME?!

I was reading an article last month and it had the headline “Watches Lose Ground to Cell Phones”. Yes I was curious so I read on. In a survey last fall, investment bank Piper Jaffray & Company stated – (much to my surprise) 66% of all teens NEVER wear a watch and only 10% wear one every day. Yes I am shocked – in fact I still can’t believe it! I get that most teens have a cell phone and yes I know it has a clock. But I also know that a cell phone’s battery can run out or there are spots like a plane where you are asked to turn it off – then what – late to class? Late to dinner with your parents?

Experian Simmons Research also discovered that, while Americans spent more than $5.9 billion on watches in 2006, that figure was down 17 percent when compared with five years earlier.

When I get dressed in the morning, my watch is part of my standard uniform. I wear different watches depending on what I am doing, where I am going, the color of my suit. In fact when I go to Madison Avenue and present to Omnicom, I usually wear my dad’s retirement watch that he gave me. It means a great deal to me, so I only wear it to very special occasions.

I know people who have watches they received as gifts and had comments inscribed on them – I guess that is old school and not necessary for the new generation.

Teens of today are using their cell phone as a watch, an alarm clock that wakes them up in the morning and with all of the text messaging, an email device as well. I have all of that technology and a Blackberry as well. I guess this is another difference between certain generations.

Does that mean you are considered really old if you wear a watch? Does this bother you? Gary, Steve, Jon, Ed, Sharon, Colleen and Amy, do you guys still wear a watch and why? Maybe we should all toss our watches and be young again.

I look forward to your comments.

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