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Be Our Guest!

Having moved away from Boston a few years ago we have had a tremendous number of guests. I still remember getting a call from Dan Krason who stayed with us and asked if we ever got the upstairs shower fixed. I had that confused and perplexed look on my face (which if you know me is very common) and I replied “Dan, our shower isn’t broken.” Dan mentioned that when he stayed with us and tried to take a shower he thought it was broken and actually had to walk downstairs in a towel. Thankfully my family was sleeping so nobody got scared with seeing Dan like that.

I didn’t realize it but our shower is a challenge to figure out. In fact you have a better chance of completing a Cryptoquote or the daily Sudoko.

This story gave me some thoughts about the rules or tips for both the host and guest when people are staying at your house.

For houseguests:

  • Try NOT to overstay your welcome. Give careful consideration as to how long you will stay
  • Make sure your room is clean. Don’t leave wet towels around and make sure you strip the bed when you leave. Try NOT to make extra work for your host!
  • One of my favorites (accidents do happen): if you break something just say something. Yes I had someone stay with us in Boston and they didn’t say anything for a few years.
  • Yes bring a gift (clearly obvious but not everyone does it.) It needs to be more thoughtful than expensive.

For hosts:

  • Make sure you tell your guests what types of pets you have
  • Make sure you show people any things that might be a little odd (see above) about your house
  • Make sure the bathroom has plenty of supplies like toilet paper, soap and shampoo
  • Show your guests a closet or drawers where they can put things away. This way they will be more comfortable and the room will be a little less messy
  • Give your guests an idea of your routine (what time you eat breakfast, what time the kids get up, what time you workout, etc…)
  • If your guests are coming in from out of town have a list of things you will want to do. Give them choices. This way everyone isn’t looking at each other saying “what should we do today?”

With summer right around the corner, I hope this list helps a little bit with guests you might be having.

I look forward to your comments about my suggestions and others you may have.

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