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Attention Baseball Fans: Have You Heard Of This Jack?

This Jack has overcome with perseverance.

As you know, I love baseball. If you have been following the game, this year has been filled with stories of steroids, greedy players and frankly tons of articles and sportscasts that aren’t that flattering for a game I love. Well here is a feel good story about someone who overcame lots of odds to make it to the show!

Talk about journeys – how about getting drafted in the first round in 1997. Yes I said 1997 – 10 years ago. This player had a 10 year journey thru small towns, long bus trips and plenty of fast food. Actually that doesn’t sound so bad – sign me up!

Jack Cust is one homer away from having 200. Not bad except all of those homers have come in the minor leagues. I am confident he hopes he plays baseball for another 10 years and never hits the 200 milestone. He has played for 10 teams covering 1,113 games. He had a reputation as a power hitter who was weak defensively. Recently he was traded from San Diego to Oakland where the A’s had a rash of injuries to their outfielders.

In his first game for Oakland he hit a homerun. A few days later he hit another one which started a streak of homeruns in 4 straight games! Wow! In his first 10 games for the A’s he hit 7 dingers, 7 over the fence and I am sure the best thing about it for Jack is the fact that none of them were in the minor leagues.

I am sure that Billie Bean (A’s general Manager) and Oakland know what they are getting. As Jack states, “I walk, I strike out, I hit home runs.” I just hope he continues his success and stays in the majors. While I admit I am not an Oakland A’s fan, everyone knows were my love lies in baseball. I am a huge fan of a person overcoming so many obstacles and working hard to finally make their dream come true!

In the off season Jack and his family run a baseball academy in Flemington, NJ where they work with ball players at a number of different levels.

Beware, Barry Bonds! There appears to be another power hitter in the bay area!

I look forward to your thoughts and hopefully other nice stories about America’s greatest pastime.

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