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Attention NY Yankee Fans: This Is a Script I Couldn’t Possibly Have Done a Better Job Writing Myself

Most baseball fans think about their favorite team over the winter–probably over and over. Many discussions are about things like:

  • Did the general manager sign the right free agents?
  • Who will be the hot rookie this year?
  • Will the trades that we made make a difference and take my team to the World Series?

My winter was no different except the fact that I had little to no snow in Dallas. During spring training I always check the April schedule and predict what my beloved Red Sox will do the first month. Will they get out of the box early?

I really believed this year the Red Sox would start really fast, jump out and lead over the NY Yankees and frankly I was right. With almost a third of the season in the history books, this is what has happened so far:

  • The Yankees are 2-10 in 1 run games! They never lost games like this in the past.
  • A-Rod started hot but now is as cold as ice only hitting .235 in May
  • The Yankees have the same record as the Tampa Bay Devil Rays!
  • During a 19 day stretch in May, the Yankees scored the fewest runs in the majors!
  • Yankees pitching staff is a mess! That sounds great doesn’t it?
  • Jason Giambi has only 7 homeruns and is hitting .262
  • Robinson Cano is hitting 80 points less than his average last year
  • Mike Mussina looks like he is below average at best
  • The Yankees have had a revolving door of starters this year
  • Their Japanese phenom (their answer to the Red Sox) is in the minors and still struggling
  • Johnny Damon who I like and thought would have a great year has 3 homeruns and is banged up
  • Bobby Abreu looks lost with an average of .228
  • Mariano Rivera isn’t hurt and has only 4 saves all year!
  • The Red Sox swept the Yankees and lead the season series 6-3
  • The Red Sox have only given up 201 runs–2nd BEST in the American League
  • The Yankees have already had losing streaks of 5 and 7 games this year
  • The Red Sox are 18-8 at home and on the road – so clearly they are doing playing great everywhere

When you look at the Red Sox team they have a number of guys struggling like Ramirez, Lugo, Crisp and some injuries like Timlin and Lester. When they return to form, the Red Sox will be even better. Clearly the future is bright for this summer.

All this has added up to the Yankees being in last place! A whopping 13 1/2 games behind the Red Sox.

  • The Red Sox have the BEST record in the American league
  • The Red Sox have the BEST record in BASEBALL!!

Life has been great so far. No that’s wrong! Life is and has been fantastic for me since the start of the baseball season.

I know Yankee fans like Jennie, Jay Wilson, Jeffrey, Nicole, Uncle J, Homer, and Jim Q will say, “Just wait. The Yankees will get hot, make the playoffs and then you will see what happens!” Maybe they will be right but I doubt it. The Yankees are in turmoil and nothing short of Mantle, DiMaggio, Ruth and Whitey Ford will help them this year.

Clemens will help a little bit but they have dug themselves too big of a hole. Get ready New York! Fourth of July will be coming early and often in the Bronx! There will be lots of fireworks this summer for sure, especially when Clemens arrives and is allowed to do things that nobody else can do. Kyle Farnsworth has already spoken up and others will follow.

Joe Torre is a classy guy. His record is very impressive. Unfortunately in a good year he gets too much of the credit and in a bad year he takes too much of the fall.

Sorry Joe — and all my friends that are Yankee fans. The Red Sox are the better team this year and have the chemistry that your team doesn’t have.

I look forward to your comments and thoughts.

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