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Why Is This Item NOT In It’s Proper Place?

There are so many things that don’t make sense to me, but this one might take the cake. Does this sound familiar:

  • It’s early in the morning and you are getting ready to take a shower
  • It is early, so you aren’t thinking clearly
  • You fight with the hot water controls to just get it right
  • You finally jump in and get ready to take a nice hot shower and you look for the shampoo

Your next reaction might be a 4 letter bad word or asking yourself why? (More on this in a minute. )

Unless you are a character from the Incredibles and can stretch your arms 10 feet, you know you are about to get out of the nice, hot shower and walk across the cold floor to get the little bottle of shampoo. You then scurry back into the shower praying that you don’t slip on the cold…now wet…floor.

Do you think that people who work in hotels think that I shampoo my hair in the sink? I don’t think so…So back to the why. Why does every hotel in the country put the shampoo right next to the sewing kit which is next to the q-tips which is next too the conditioner? WHY?

Here is a thought: Why not actually put the shampoo and conditioner in the shower, in the bath tub where 99.9% of the people are going to use it? I know it probably saves time for the hotel staff to line them up on the counter and in someone’s eyes it probably looks really nice, but for me I would just like to find those items in the shower.

For the record I usually am in a hotel every week during which time the only hotel that actually does put it in the shower is The Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas.

I can only hope this is a trend that will spread across this great country.

Do you agree or am I crazy?

I look forward to your comments.

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