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What Do You Give Someone Who Has Almost Everything?

I am sure we all have friends or loved ones that you have no idea what to give them for a birthday gift. They seem to have everything, and nothing you could give them would be special enough. Yes, gift cards are very safe but a little too boring and not personal enough for many people.

I was struggling to figure out what gift I would give to a special person and frankly came up with something that I hope is appropriate. This person is intelligent, very business-oriented and tried to teach me many things.

His name Joel Dubrow – and he is my Father. A few days ago he celebrated his birthday and after days/weeks of trying to figure out what to give him, my gift is words – special words to me that everyone can read.


  • Thanks for being there when I needed you growing up and continue to need you
  • Thanks for grounding me (I can’t believe I said that) when I was growing up to teach me a lesson and make me a better person
  • Thanks for sharing your business wisdom
  • Thanks for letting me make some wrong decisions and go off the beaten path
  • Thanks for supporting me when I moved around over the years for jobs in the research industry
  • Thanks for supporting my decision to not be an accountant (like you) and changed my major during my junior year
  • Thanks for teaching me how to treat people the right way
  • Thanks for sending me to an overnight sports camp when we really couldn’t afford it
  • Thanks for having a summer house on Cape Cod – those are some of my fondest memories to date!
  • Thanks for sending me to an out of state college and allowing me the opportunity of growing up real fast
  • Thanks for taking me to all of those Red Sox games and teaching me how to keep score
  • Thanks for being a great grandfather

Sometimes you never know what a person means to you until to take a step back. Sometimes you never realize how much a person can affect your life until a few years go by. I remember growing up and thinking how wrong my Dad was in a number of situations. Funny that years have to go by for me to realize he was right more than he was wrong.

I wonder if the same thing will happen with my kids…chances are they will.

Dad – thanks for everything!

I look forward to hearing your comments.

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