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Everyone Deserves a Second Chance…But What About a Third, Fourth Or Fifth?

I am sure that everyone who is reading this blog can think of a time where you either wanted a second chance or gave someone a second chance. I am sure there were times in high school where you asked your parents for a second chance. I am sure there were times were your company made an error and asked a client for a second chance.

Let me know if this has happened to you:

  • You are on a business trip and a button on your shirt cracks and falls off.
  • You go to pick up your dry cleaning and it isn’t ready when they said it would be.
  • You noticed the collar on your shirt hasn’t been cleaned the way you like it!
  • Your dry cleaner lost your clothes!

I am sure if I could see your faces as you are reading this, a number of heads are going up and down saying “yes that has happened to me” and relate to what I am describing.

Since 2004 I have been using the same dry cleaner. It is very close to work, close to restaurants I go to at lunch and VERY CONVENIENT to me. Over the past few years they have done an okay job. At the beginning they did a nice job but in the past 5 months they have changed management and things have slipped a little bit.

I was having lunch with a co-worker, TA, and of course dropped off and my dry cleaning. A few days past and I went to pick up my clothes. I use the drop off service so I didn’t have a receipt. When I asked for my clothes she responded with “we don’t have clothes here for you.” When I questioned her again I got a look of disbelief like I had three heads and she was wondering if I heard her. Quickly she got a few more co-workers and they were chatting and two of them came over to me and responded with the same message “we don’t have clothes here for you.” Although I give them an “A” for having a consistent message, I knew they were wrong. I even described two of the shirts which were brand new and I have never worn. I gave them my cell phone and asked them to look around and give me a call.

An hour goes by, and they leave a message saying they found my clothes. Hip hop hooray–or so I thought. I went back after the weekend and picked up my clothes. They did hand me some clothes but they weren’t the ones I were missing. Actually let me restate that. Those clothes WERE missing but I didn’t know it. The clothes they handed me were from three months earlier. Apparently I have too many clothes and didn’t notice they were missing–possibly another blog down the road. I said that these are my clothes but not the ones that I am missing. Again they politely responded with “we don’t have clothes here for you.” After sort of chuckling I described the two shirts I am missing and the color of the bag I brought them in. After five more minutes of an animated discussion I said my shirts are like those – and noticed that “those” were actually my shirts, but under someone else’s name.

I thought the drama was over but it really wasn’t because I noticed when I got to my car they charged me the wrong amount–actually saving me $12.00. I thought about going back and telling them but decided against that and headed to a bar to get a drink instead! What a fiasco.

So after losing clothes that I knew they lost, losing clothes that I didn’t know were missing, and charging me the wrong amount–what do I do? I thought long and hard about never using them again but they are very convenient. The one change I have made is now I ask for a receipt.

  • The question for me is how many chances do you give someone?
  • Has this dilemma happened to you?
  • Are all dry cleaners this bad?

I look forward to your comments and thoughts.

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