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The August Place to Be

I have so many fond memories growing up. There were always vacations at Cape Cod, plenty of visits to Fenway Park and of course hours and hours of playing games like tag, red light and hide and seek.

Growing up every year we knew once July ended we were going on a road trip. We knew we were getting on the Massachusetts turnpike and three hours later we would be at our destination: Saratoga, NY.

What a great town with grace, charm and the greatest race track in the country. I mean no disrespect to Belmont Park, Churchill Downs or Santa Anita Park, but Saratoga Race Track is the most fan-friendly racetrack in the country and is filled with so much history and beauty.

Interestingly enough their tagline was “THE AUGUST PLACE TO BE.” When I was growing up, Saratoga Racetrack was only open in August so, perhaps this is the best tagline I have ever heard. Over the years they have extended it and this year’s session is 36 days long.

Since we are now in August, what is your choice for “THE AUGUST PLACE TO BE?” So many readers are planning their last vacations of the summer so I am sure they will be interested in your comments.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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