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Is There Anyone Out There Dumber Than Me?

Please keep in mind I am not handy around the house. I really don’t have the experience to fix most things and yes I am very proud when I am able to change light bulbs.

Recently, everyday I would notice that there was a hole in a flower bed. Since I tend to notice everything – this was no different. I noticed it every day and this is exactly what happened:

  • I thought about what kind of animal or snake made the hole
  • I looked around to see if the animal was looking at me – since I noticed it very early in the morning and it was dark
  • I filled in the hole
  • I went to work and told everyone about what happened and I have some kind of anaconda (a little embellishment) living in my front yard

The next day it was the exact same thing – in fact this would probably happen five times a week.

Then one day, I asked our landscaper to change out some bushes and he noticed one area wasn’t getting enough water. He mentioned the reason was we had a broken sprinkler head. Since JM is a nice guy and this is Texas, he said it was no big deal and mentioned he would fix the problem. That night when I went home I noticed he had a red marker in the area of the broken sprinkler head.

Guess where the marker was?

You guessed right – in the exact spot of my friendly and daily hole. There was NO animal, just a broken sprinkler head and my foolishness of not being able to figure it out. I apologize to everyone at work who I told about the “make believe” animal, snake or whatever was living and burrowing into our front lawn.

As I mentioned…I am not handy. Are you?

  • What is the dumbest thing you have done around the house?

I look forward to hearing your stories, comments and seeing how your story compares to mine.

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