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Do You Shop Where America Shops?

I was reading an article last week that I thought was very interesting. It was entitled WHERE AMERICA SHOPS, BY PRODUCT 2007. The study was completed by AlixPartners.

Basically the piece of research that was completed ranked on where America shops in 9 different categories. Here is the chart by category and I have highlighted where I shop:


1ST Choice 2nd Choice
Alcoholic beverages Liquor store (44%) Wal-Mart (16%)
Athletic shoes Foot Locker (30%) Wal-Mart (21%)
Casual clothing Wal-Mart (34%) JCPenney (27%)
Home products Wal-Mart (54%) Target (30%)
Home technology Best Buy (61%) Circuit City (44%)
Non-alcoholic beverages Wal-Mart (38%) Target (16%)
Over-the-counter medications Wal-Mart (65%) Walgreens (33%)
Personal hygiene Wal-Mart (62%) Target (24%)
Ready-to-eat/ non-perishable foods Wal-Mart (52%) Target (25%)

SOURCE: AlixPartners (Click here for the full chart)

Clearly I don’t shop where America shops. In fact in the Athletic Shoes category, my choice isn’t even in the top 5. Wal-Mart almost had a clean sweep. How long before they take over the top spot in the other three categories?

Where do you shop?

Do you shop where America shops?

I look forward to your comments.

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