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What a Blog Can Do for You

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

It is amazing how quickly time goes by. I can’t believe it has almost been a year since our internal team had a crazy idea to start a blog. Recently I presented to the Orange County American Marketing Association Chapter, “Blogging for Business.” During the presentation I mentioned a number of things that the blog has done for us and I thought I would share our list:

  • It helps us keep in touch with industry contacts
  • It allows us to reconnect with people from as far back as junior high school!
  • We actually recruited one current staff member
  • The Blog has led to at least five speaking engagements
  • We get lots of suggestions from readers on potential topics
  • It has increased company visibility by being mentioned and highlighted on at least twenty other blogs
  • We have learned a tremendous amount from people’s opinions and comments
  • It brought our internal team a little closer together
  • We were requested to promote one of the industry’s most prestigious awards
  • Industry contacts have asked to promote open positions

It makes me feel good to get emails or acknowledgement from readers that actually like what we have done and the format in which we have provided.

Mike, Toby what has your blog done for you? What am I leaving out?

To people who are thinking about starting a blog – go for it!

I have been SO surprised at what it has done for us and given a chance you might feel the same way!