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If You Love To Watch People, Where Is The Best Place To Go?

I am about to let you in on another secret: I love to watch people! I am not kidding; I really do. I truly believe you can learn so much from watching people–from how they handle situations in a positive way, to how obnoxious some people can be, to how flamboyant others dress.

I just returned from Las Vegas, which might be one of–if not THE best–places to watch people. I was having a discussion with Jason Miller who is also in the research industry, and we came up with a few other choices besides Las Vegas. They include:

  • Venice Beach, California
  • Faneuil Hall in Boston, MA
  • South Beach in Miami Florida

Jason and I both agreed that Las Vegas was the best people watching. We love the fact that everyone is dressed to the max or like Elvis. Everyone in Vegas seems to have a story and who knows what is fact or fiction.

  • Are you a people watcher?
  • What is favorite spot?
  • And what do you think about our choices?

I look forward to your comments.

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