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Attention Sports Fans: Kobe, AROD or Neither! What Is Your Choice?

Let the debate begin.

As I write this blog, Kobe Bryant and Alex Rodriguez (AROD) can be on your team. Kobe is unhappy in Los Angeles and wants to be traded and AROD opted out of his contract earlier in the week — ooooops I meant in the middle of game four of the World Series and can be signed as a free agent.

Congrads! You are the owner of an NBA and MLB team! What do you do?

Some of Kobe’s awards and achievements are:

  • 3-time NBA Champion
  • 2-time Scoring Champion
  • 9-time NBA All-Star: 1998
  • 2-time NBA All-Star Game MVP
  • 9-time All-NBA Selection
  • 7-time All-Defensive Selection:

Here are some of AROD’s achievements from 2007

  • Ranks 1st in AL in HR (54)
  • Ranks 1st in AL in R (143)
  • Ranks 4th in AL in OBP (.422)
  • Ranks 1st in AL in OPS (1.067)
  • Ranks 1st in AL in RBI (156)
  • Ranks 7th in AL in BB (95)
  • Ranks 1st in AL in SLG (.645)

AROD had a great 2007 and will be named MVP of the American League very shortly.

Yes both are GREAT players! Both are probably the best in their leagues! Let’s NOT debate that. The real question is, as an owner of an NBA and MLB team, which one–if any–do you want on your team?

For me……drum roll please…neither one.

Let me start with Kobe. He won three championships all with Shaq and then ran him out of town. He appears to be very fickle and will do the same thing for any other team he plays for. I don’t believe he makes people around him better and frankly probably loves and needs all the attention which means he is challenging in the locker room to have as a teammate.

Now AROD. Everyone forgets that AROD played with Ken Griffey Jr. and Randy Johnson — three great players that didn’t win a ring! Just think about all that has surrounded AROD in NY. He got into a fight with Varitek, slapped the ball out of Bronson Arroyo’s hand, and elbowed Dustin Pedroia while supposedly sliding into second base and then yells something as he is rounding the bases in Toronto. Each time he looked around the stadium and said, "Who me? What did I do?" Setting all that aside he is still a great talent, but in my opinion will NEVER win anything other than individual awards. He will not get a ring. He is the best player in baseball and now is about to play for his fourth team! You need to ask yourself why? Is he a good locker room guy? No idea since I am not an athlete but I would say no.

For me the decision is easy. In fact very easy — I wouldn’t trade for Kobe or sign AROD!

  • What would you do?

I look forward to your comments.

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