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Interesting Strategy For Movie Theatres. I Don’t Like It…Do You?

I was reading an article last week and I didn’t realize that the number of adults who attend movie theatres is way down. Usually when I am at the movies they tend to be very crowded and I am focusing on bodies in seats not the age.

This article mentioned that a growing number of movie theatres are trying to woo more adults. They are banning youngsters who aren’t with their parents or excluding them from late-night showings.

Here is what a few theatres are doing:

Kerasotes Theatres is testing "adult-friendly" movies at 13 of its 95 locations, spokeswoman Clair Malo says.

Two theatres in suburban Chicago require patrons 17 and younger to attend a short "code of conduct" class on decorum before they can see movies at 8:30 p.m. or later without parents.

I understand the need for additional strategy to increase revenue for a company, but to put on restrictions for other age groups? Not sure that really makes sense to me. Isn’t it very short sighted for these theatres to say:

  • Sorry you can’t come in!
  • Go do something else!
  • How does bowling sound?

For one reason, teens grow up to be adults. Are they really going to a business that didn’t allow them admittance in the past? I realize the theatres are probably testing this but I hope they don’t move forward.

I can’t believe they are doing this — aren’t there any other creative options?

They are saying we don’t want your business because you aren’t old enough to conduct yourself in a mature fashion! What does that say about teens? About their generation?

Yes I have been to the movie theatre recently and heard a teen talking a little loud — so what! It didn’t ruin the movie enough to kick them out — or allow them not to enter after a certain time.

What will happen when I am 20 years older and go to a theatre and start to snore! Will they kick me out. What will happen to my kids when they are 16 and want to bring a date to a movie — nope can’t come in. UNBELIEVABLE!

  • Do you think this is a good idea?
  • Do teens ruin movies for you?
  • How would you handle the situation?

I look forward to your comments.

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