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Texas Is Our Home And We LOVE IT!

Over three years ago Omnicom, Michael Birkin, Tom Harrison and Dale Adams came calling. At first when they described the position and location, I think I was taken aback a little bit…Where? Dallas, Texas? I had never thought about living there. We gave it some thought, explored the idea a little bit and lo and behold, here we are and loving it.

At first friends would say, "Your next door neighbors are going to love you guys. They will have their cowboy boots, cowboy hat, shotgun, F-150 and you have your accent! Should be fun."

They were right – partly right… It has been all FUN! The people are great, the restaurants are fantastic and we love the weather.


As you know Texas is big, very big and has something for everyone.

If you need to be cheered up there is:

  • Happy, Texas 79042
  • Smiley, Texas 78159
  • Paradise, Texas 76073
  • Rainbow, Texas 76077
  • Sweet Home, Texas 77987

No need to travel to any other US cities we have them also:

  • Detroit, Texas 75436
  • Colorado City, Texas 79512
  • Denver City, Texas 79323
  • Nevada, Texas 75173
  • Memphis, Texas 79245
  • Miami, Texas 79059
  • New Boston, Texas 75570
  • Santa Fe, Texas 77517
  • Tennessee Colony, Texas 75861

And no need to go overseas we have them all right here:

  • Athens, Texas 75751
  • Canadian, Texas 79014
  • China, Texas 77613
  • Egypt, Texas 77436
  • Turkey, Texas 79261
  • London, Texas 76854
  • New London, Texas 75682
  • Paris, Texas 75460

What’s also amazing to me is Texas finishes sentences:

Men are from Mars, women are from

  • Venus, Texas 76084

And Texas is GREAT for the kids:

  • Kermit, Texas 79745
  • Elmo, Texas 75118
  • Nemo, Texas 76070
  • Tarzan, Texas 79783
  • Winnie, Texas 77665

I hope you agree that Texas has it all.

I look forward to hearing your comments about your state and if you are ready to move to the great state of Texas.

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