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I Need To Add Some Music To My Ipod–Have Any Ideas?

Monday, December 3rd, 2007

Those of you who have driven with me know that my musical taste is oldies. Some people call it much worse than that but I guess I am old school and still really like Bruce Springsteen, The Doobie Brothers, Eddie Money and yes, Neil Diamond. Ok I need to update my IPOD with some new music. Actually new UP-TO-DATE music. Music that says to people, "Okay he is finally with the times, somewhat cool and I wouldn’t mind borrowing his IPOD." I am hoping you can help me so I don’t have to go to Circuit City, Best Buy or Barnes & Noble and listen to music for hours of new artists.

I usually listen to my IPOD when I am working out so I am looking for some upbeat music–classical music probably wouldn’t work for me.

What’s on your IPOD that is new and you think that I might like?

I REALLY look forward to your comments and suggestions.