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Who Is Your Favorite “Character” In Sports?

You probably need to give some thought to this one. Who is the biggest character in sports? By character I don’t mean someone who is playing someone on TV like Billy Dee Williams who plays Gale Sayers in Brian’s Song. What character means to me is someone a little different, who might be a little strange.

The reason I thought of this is recently Evel Knievel passed away. To me he was a character, part human, part showman, part daredevil and clearly part crazy.

I thought about Andre the Giant in Wrestling, William "the refrigerator" Perry in football and John Daly in golf. In my mind all great choices and worthy of consideration but didn’t get my vote.

To me the biggest character in sports has to be Dennis Rodman. He was a GREAT athlete. He was a fantastic defensive player who specialized in rebounding and led the lead for many years. He clearly did things his way. He changed his hair often, he had piercings and tattoos everywhere. He dressed up as a girl to promote a book. He criticized owners. And as a player, he would start a fight if he had to, or throw an elbow while rebounding. He had it all. He appeared to party all the time and had the cops show up at his house many times to shut down the parties to prove it.

He was involved in professional wrestling and was married to Carmen Electra. He even made a few movies, appearing with Jean-Claude Van Damme in Double Team and also starring in Simon Sez.

He also had the best nicknames:

  • "Dennis the Menace"
  • "Rodzilla"
  • "D-Rod"
  • "Rod the Bod"
  • "Worm"

He did all that and in his spare time won 5 (yes I said 5) NBA Championships. To me, Dennis Rodman gets my vote as the biggest "character" in sports!

  • What do you think of my choice?
  • Who gets your vote?

I look forward to hearing your comments.

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