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Question Of The Day: What Does Your CEO Drive And What Does That Say About Them?

I was reading a very interesting article yesterday in USA Today. It was discussing what CEOs drive and what does that say about them. You may know that Sam Walton drove a pickup truck and Warren Buffet drove an older model Lincoln Town Car. A survey was done by Theladders.com , a job-search site for those making over $100,000 – and interviewed 3,000 people. BMW (13%) was the most popular make driven by the C-level executives on the survey.

I found some pretty amazing things mentioned in the survey:

  • 7% said they have tried to hide their car from co-workers
  • 5% of all execs timed their departure so more people can get a glimpse of their car
  • 2% of C-level execs said they have pretended that someone else’s car was their own

I was shocked as I read those things, thinking, “does that really happen?” I am not sure I recall a single time where a boss of mine pretended that they owned someone else’s car.

  • If the CEO drives a car that is an older model — does that make them cheap?
  • If they drive a sports car, does that mean they live life in the fast lane?
  • If the CEO drives a minivan does that make them practical?

Do you know what your CEO drives?

What does that say about them?

I happen to drive a BMW — what does that say about me?

I am a little scared asking the last question but I do look forward to your comments.

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