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What Do You Do For The Big Game? Here Is What I Do!

In 2006 over 141 million people in the United States watched the “game”. Lots of people have parties, some people go away on trips, while others are very fortunate to be able to go to the “game”. The “game” I am referring to is The Super Bowl. It is played in early February and people watch it for different reasons. Some watch it because their team is playing in the game. Others may watch it because it’s a fun time to watch all of the commercials, while others watch it because they are just fans of the sport.

I remember reading that on Super Bowl Sunday, more pizza is sold than any other day in the year, out selling New Year’s Eve, Halloween and New Year’s Day.

I love Super Bowl Sunday. I enjoy the game, the food, the halftime show — everything about it. The thing I enjoy the most is I know who I will be with every year. This day has turned into a family day–almost a reunion of sorts–for my cousin, brothers-in-law, friends and college roommate. About 12 years ago I had this idea of getting everyone together and going away for the Super Bowl. For many years we have gone to Las Vegas (destination this year), but recently we have gone to Mexico and last year we ended up in the Bahamas. We always have a great time, see a number of shows, play poker, get very little sleep and cheer our teams on.

So now you know where I will be and what I am doing.

  • What do you do for the Super Bowl?
  • Do you have a family reunion?
  • Do you cook up a storm?
  • Do you order in pizza?
  • Do you look forward to the commercials?

I look forward to hearing your comments.

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