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I Don’t Like These Phrases At Work — How About You?

Most people spend a lot of time either going to/from work, at work, or even thinking about work. Clearly I qualify as one of those people. From time to time I have heard phrases over the years at different jobs that bother me — actually really bother me:

"I am just trying to go under the radar screen" – I was shocked when someone said this to me. This person is very smart, has a lot to offer a company and probably has 20 years left on their career. To me they are trying to coast, not go above and beyond, never have an opinion on anything so you don’t ruffle feathers.

"It’s not my job" – I am sure there are a few people reading this who just yelled out that they dislike this phrase as well. Job descriptions CAN’T contain everything that someone will do in a week or month. Because most businesses have peaks and valleys, some people will be slammed while others have time (possibly lots of time) on their hands. No matter what the business or industry you are in, if people don’t help out co-workers, companies will NEVER maximize their profits and client service could potentially suffer.

"That’s the way we’ve always done it" – Isn’t there always a better way to do something? With the business environment moving at light speed, there always seems to be areas or systems to improve. The key is, you have to have the right people to find those areas.

  • What do you think when you hear these phrases?
  • What phrases do you hate to hear in a work environment?

I look forward to your comments.

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