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Attention Baseball Fans: I Love My Boston Red Sox This Year. How Do The Yankee Fans Feel?

Ok…tomorrow is opening day for the Boston Red Sox. Yes March 25 is opening day. Not sure the season has ever started this early nor this far away. The Sox take on the Oakland A’s in Japan–thousands of miles away from Fenway Park. The defending World Series Champions will actually have four opening days this year in three different countries. They will celebrate in Japan and then have opening day for the A’s in the US before they fly to Toronto and celebrate with the Blue Jays and the following week, open up at Fenway Park against the Detroit Tigers (this game is not to be missed) when they unveil the championship flags.

Ok so here we are. Almost five months ago my beloved Red Sox swept the World Series against a Colorado team that was hot, and captured their second ring in four years. So what has happened? I must say not a ton from my standpoint.

The Red Sox did what they had to do. They signed their free agents, but didn’t really add much of anything else. From where I sit, the Sox have a solid group of starters. Beckett (assuming his back doesn’t cause a problem) will be solid. Daisuke will have a great second year, Tim Wakefield is a solid number three and Jon Lester and Clay "No Hitter" Buchholz will be the best number five in baseball. The hitting will be better this year. Ortiz is healthy, Manny is in a contract year, Drew is in his second year, Ellsbury will be an enormous surprise and most of the other hitters will continue to do their thing. We have plenty of intangibles like trading Coco Crisp (who will get them a decent starter or a top prospect). And then there’s Bartolo Colon. Who knows what you might get from him. Not to mention a great–yes great–bullpen with Papelbon, Timlin, Okajima and others to hold the opposition off in the late innings.

Yes losing Schilling will hurt. He is fantastic and clearly a great money pitcher in the playoffs. Which by the way, when he returns–I believe he returns in August–and makes a few starts, the playoffs will be upon us.

The Yankees didn’t do much either. Yes they lost Clemens (which is probably a good thing). Their defense at first isn’t good and AROD can’t possibly improve on last year’s stats! He was awesome. Their pitching staff is weak at best and no longer scares anyone. Rivera is still in the top five closers in the American League but doesn’t dominate the good teams anymore. When the Yankees play the iron of the AL, like the Angels, Indians, Red Sox and Tigers, they will need their pitchers to go seven innings and then Chamberlain and Rivera shut the door. With the exception of Wang, their starters are old and unreliable. Clearly the Yankee supporters could say I would match up Hughes and Kennedy against Lester and Bucchholz, and the Sox fans would say the same. That is why this debate and rivalry is the greatest in sports and will continue for many years to come. We will see who is right.

Before I sign off , no one can tell me the Yankees are better off without Joe Torre. Nothing against the other Joe (Girardi), but Torre was all class, could handle the players, the media and the Steinbrenners. Girardi won’t be able to do that. His departure costs the Yankees three games in the standings.

Yes the Red Sox will win the division for the second year in a row and if the Yankees aren’t very careful they won’t make the playoffs.

Let the games begin.

I look forward to reading your comments throughout the 2008 baseball season!

  • What are your thoughts?
  • How do you really feel about your team?

Let’s play ball.

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