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Attention Frequent Travelers: Rule 240 Is Something You Want To Know About…It Just Might Help You Out!

There are lots of things we can count on during the course of a year. Springtime is almost upon us and the baseball season is about to start. Most weeks we will work 5 days, and yes there will be flight delays on airlines on the horizon…in fact…many of them. Yes, some will be weather-related, but others will be because of the airline.

I don’t recall exactly where I found this out but I was reading an article and it mentioned Rule 240. Since I never heard about it I decided to do some research. Basically, Rule 240 deals with the obligations that an airline has to a passenger when his/her flights cancel or delay, or connecting flights are missed due to the actions of the airline.

Years ago, Rule 240 was a U.S. federal requirement prior to airline deregulation in 1978, and has remained in existence since that time. Lots of people who work for the airlines are unaware of Rule 240, as are many passengers.

So what does it really mean? Rule 240 means the airlines owe you something if you are delayed because of:

  1. Mechanical issues
  2. Late arrival of an incoming aircraft
  3. Pilots or other crew that are not at the aircraft on time

What the airline can give you is:

  1. Meal Vouchers
  2. Confirmation on the airline’s next flight
  3. Option not to travel
  4. Hotel
  5. Ground Transportation

Typically I just try to be nice, in fact very nice, when I am delayed or my flight is cancelled. I have been known to beg and promise anything within reason if someone would help me out. Now it is nice to know I have something else to bring up. On my next few flights I will be asking the counter staff at American Airlines about this rule.

  • Does it really work?
  • What do you need to say?

Hopefully this has just made traveling a little easier at least once in awhile.

  • Has anyone heard of this rule?
  • Have you used it?

I look forward to your comments.

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