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I Wish People Wouldn’t Be On Their Cell Phone ____________? Your Turn To Fill In The Blank.

I know I have blogged about this before, but the problem seems to be getting much worse…so I thought I would write about it again.

In a public bathroom — I am still amazed that people will be in the bathroom and think nothing about being on a cell phone. Yes I love to multi task but please that’s a bit much!

In the elevator — are you really that important that you can’t call a friend back to tell them what you are doing tonight? Here is a thought: Chances are, you will get disconnected as you go up 30 floors. Why not say to the person, “I will call you back in two minutes.” Besides…no one needs to listen to your call when you are in a 5×5 area.

In a rental car bus — last year I actually overheard a guy yelling at a staff member for five minutes while the Hertz bus was taking me to the airport. That five minute trip seemed like an hour.

In the movies — to me pretty obvious. We are paying to watch a movie, not listen to you. Yes I have witnessed on a few occasions heated discussions that I thought would be elevated to a punch being thrown.

I realize emergencies happen. And yes, doctors need to be close to a pager or cell phone 24/7.

Your turn……

I wish people wouldn’t be on their cell phone ____________?

I look forward to reading your comments.

P.S. Very soon, there will be “turn your cell phones off” in most public places including some of the ones I mentioned.

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